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We are reflecting on our values as a business, but more importantly as individuals who want to do better and help in a meaningful way. How do we make sure our awareness goes beyond social media? How can we use our voices in an effective way?

We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but we are listening, and we are educating ourselves. We are talking to our friends and having uncomfortable, yet necessary, conversations with our loved ones. We encourage our customers to ask these same questions, have conversations, and learn with us - because until All Black Lives Matter, none of ours do.

We urge you to get involved in your local community, donate to organizations combating social injustice, vote, and spread the word, however, you can.

Each month we are donating a portion of proceeds from our Congee Tee sales to a different local organization.

Please use the following resources for information and donations, and make sure you are giving to organizations currently in need:

Black Lives Matter

Campaign Zero

The Innocence Project


ACLU Nationwide